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Rainbow Shoelace Project (Rainbow Beads)


Here is how you can really 'see someone' without even looking at them and 'support someone' without needing to run a bake-sale.

Pop these beads on your shoelaces!

Small acts of recognition can make a BIG difference. This is exactly why 12 year old Abby from rural NSW started the Rainbow Shoelace Project. 

The Rainbow Shoelace Project is the brainchild of 12-year-old Abbie Kelly who, with her friend Max Dawnn started giving out Rainbow Shoelace beads in their hometown of Broken Hill.

The idea came to Abbie when she was worried about wearing Pride flag-coloured beads on her converse to high school, as she was worried that she would be bullied. Abbie felt scared and alone. Abbie realised that other queer kids might be feeling the same way and decided that it would be great for a queer kid to feel that they are supported by seeing their peers wearing Pride flag-coloured beads.

The aim of the project is to show support to the LGBTIQ+ community by wearing Pride coloured beads on your shoelaces. Members of the LGBTQI+ community and their allies are encouraged to join this project by wearing the beads. - https://rainbowshoelaceproject.com.au/

Humans crave acceptance and thrive with a community, with an act as simple as putting some colourful beads on your shoelace you could show some of our most isolated community members that you see them and support them. 

Small act massive impact! The pack includes 10 rainbow beads so you're able to wear the pride colours on your shoelaces. 

This project is entirely self funded and Abbie and her helpers pay for postage and the beads to be sent out to all who request a pack. You can purchase a pack here and the entire $10 will go to helping keep this initiative alive and thriving. 

I truly believe this is the start of an incredible project for Abbie and Max. I want to help keep their passion and spirit alive. Think of this as an investment in the future for the LGBTQI community. 

What absolute legends!