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Personalised Greeting Card

$968 $1614

Share Love (and FUCK OFF's) with this extra special unique personalised up yours and fuck off greeting card yours to buy with absolutly any purchase. 

One randomly selected from the five cards shown, beautifully hand-written with your special note and signed by the wonderful Christian Hull

This elegant card is the perfect addition to any gift, blank on the inside it is ready to celebrate any occasion.

'Happy Birthday' - well done being born good job

'Happy Divorce' - we're honestly all surprised it lasted this long we didn't like them anyways

'Happy Neurodiversity' - So glad you're happy with your adult diagnosis of one or more of the following ADD/ADHD/ASD/OCD/ODD/BPD

'Fuck Interest Rate Increases' - So sorry your dream home is now a nightmare

'It's Mothers Day' - apart from stretch marks and incontinence I also got you this card signed by Christian Hull 

'Enjoy Europe' - like EVERYONE else

'See you next Tuesday' - Just a note to say Hey Cunt

'Happy Fathers Day' - thanks for...............

'To whom it may concern' - This card is intentionally left blank as to not offend any minority or majority group - just a universal non specific FUCK OFF.

'Happy Gay Day' - you're so gay and that's ok

'Happy Kid Day Card.....NOT! - You're a kid, deal with it! Now go tidy your room!'

'Family Tree Growth' - Hello (person I hope I've never hooked up with) my DNA test results show that you are either my uncle, nephew, or half brother.....Surprise!

This card is species+gender+spiritually+melanin+politically+sexuality+physically non-specific, it is also vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten free and nut free.

Simply tell us in the notes to whom you want the card addressed, create your own message (or copy an example) and who it is from. 


*highly possible misspelled names and words for that realistic genuine greeting card experience 

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