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Ever had an overwhelming urge to eat a can of corn?

That's right, no-one has!

Which is why this is the best hiding place for your guilty pleasure (if it's under 4" high and 9.5" diameter).

Larger items - fold it, stuff it, roll it, just hide it from those thieving bastards*. 

Wizards work**? Divine intervention? No, just a plastic twist off bottom insert. 

10.5cm high x 7cm diameter (might not fit your entire collection of butt plugs, sorry)

*please note that if 'those thieving bastards' do open your 'stash can' and use the contents as a corn substitute, we can not be held responsible for the morons you surround yourself with. If the 'stash can' is opened with a can-opener, no we will not replace your can, however,  we are happy to publicly shame the culprit. #corngate 

**also note if a wand wielding wizard (or witch) comes sniffing around we do guarantee your 'stash can' is impervious to spells such as; Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, Assio, Stupefy, Incendio etc.