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Seeds (Fuck Off)


Grow your own 'Fuck Off' plant.

Not available to shop to the USA, UK & New Zealand due to quarantine laws. If for some reason you manage to be able to order to the US, UK or NZ quarantine centre will destroy them. If have turned off shipping to US, UK & NZ.

Inside each pack you receive two fuck off beans. Plant then in a pot with good quality soil. Make sure you water beans daily to keep soil moist. Drain any excess water so beans do not get soggy.

Keep your beans in a sunny spot and watch as over 5-10 days they grow into your very own 'FUCK OFF' plant. 

PLANT: Sword Bean (Canavalia Gladiata)

*If you do not have your beans destroyed by US, UK & NZ bio security we can not issue refunds. So please make sure you do not use a work around VPN or another sneaky method as they are destroyed on arrival.