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Love my purple hoodie

Very soft, comfy and warm and love the hood. I wish I had had this at my last job, I was never able to read on my lunch break, really needed the LEAVE ME ALONE message back then.

Four stars, fantastic and funny!

Really loved the book, great read, truly recommend it!

Office Decor

Hanging in my office

Great read

I read this so fast and I don't normally read, but it was so raw and funny
I loved it.

Great gift

I gave this as a Christmas present last year, so perfect.

Perfect backpack

Fits so much, and great quality.
It's absolutely perfect.

Favourite socks

I absolutely love wearing these when I have fuck off energy (so everytime I leave the house, actually let's just say all the time.)
So comftable, with the perfect message.

I've gotta get more of these

Great way to show support of the LGBTQI+ community

Oh yeah

How to spice up a boring notebook

Best thing in my mouth

OMG the best thing I've put in my mouth for ages

Love my backpack

I have Christian’s backpack and I love it. It has heaps of pockets and I have replaced my handbag with this backpack. There is plenty of room for everything.

For the ones that want a second glance

Where do I begin, from the subtle message of the acrostic poem to the down right fuck off that you can flip up when needed, this shirt will give you all the fuck of energy you desire. You'll find you will get those second glances to a wink here and there. It's material is comfortable and breathable and easy to wear. It really is a shirt you can wear anywhere. 😉😉

When you need to give subtle hints

This bag, truly is a delight and a leave me the fuck alone all rolled into one. From it's vibrant print, to the fuck off fingers on the zips, to it's insane amount of pockets to hold all your kinky shit and more. This is for those that want the person standing behind you to back the fuck off when they read the plaque on the front. You truly won't be disappointed when purchasing this bag.

A truly wonderful and honest book

After being a fan I assumed that I’d know everything about Christian. Well, I was wrong! I devoured this book and it was almost like Christian was reading it to me because I heard his voice in my head. It’s raw, honest and I loved it. I laughed out loud in inappropriate locations and there were tears too. I grew up in the same area so the vivid retelling of many locations was a trip down memory lane. I highly recommend reading this if you’ve not already read it

The perfect addition to any key

A great quality keyring which also dissipates fuck off energy wherever you go. What more could you possibly need?

All of the emotions

I read this book so quickly and experienced most of the emotions (if not all) humanely possible. It’s a great insight into the person we all love!

Love having Christian in between my sheets

I love my bookmarks and am impressed with the quality. I never thought I would get Christian in between my sheets (of my books), but they are a great addition and provide a subtle hint to the outside world to leave me the fuck alone.

Gives fuck off energy

A well made and sturdy bag with lots of room and compartments! Be warned though, as it’s a super vibrant colour it may attract some unsolicited attention. I advise you to also wear your ‘leave me alone’ hat so people get the message.

Perfect for being social

I hate being social so I wear this hat so I come across as unapproachable AF.

Perfect wrap for my family

We play all the naughty games and have ridiculous humour, so this wrapping paper suited gifts to my loved ones

Add spice to your life

With this amazing scent. Loved it so much I have purchased another one. Is my go to scent.

Delish fragrance

Smells flipping awesome. My guy loves it. Great roll on design , so perfect for travel.

Laughed till I cried

Haven’t laughed so much over a book in years.
Perfect pick me up

Perfect for a family in-joke

This was the exact card I was looking for. Had my family laughing in public. We are nuts but hey

Perfect for the occasion

Filled my can of ‘corn’ with these and gave to my ex husband as a parting gift.